Ginga Football Club (GFC) is a premier club in CT, we focus on the development player's individual skills.



Ginga Football Club (GFC) is a premier club in CT, who focuses only and foremost in the development of each player's individual skills. Ginga FC strives to install a passion and respect for the game in our players along with the right attitude to succeed. We value these characteristics over wins and losses, as they are ultimately what forms the foundation for the highest level soccer player.

Our curriculum is modeled after professional European and South American Academies who focus intensely on developing the technical ability of young players. It is at these ages where the fundamentals are learned which will enable a player to have future success. 

Fundamentally, the coaches in the club are not focused on producing winning teams, but more importantly producing winning players. Instead of the often typical ‘scoreboard mentality’ in youth sports, we take the ‘mastery approach'. Thus the club is not out to win trophies, but to make sure we improve the level of each player in our club and teach the players how to take pride and enjoyment out of working hard to learn a new craft.

Our strongest and most important goal is to have our players reach the highest levels of youth, collegiate and in the future, professional soccer!



Ginga Football Club (GFC) is a division of Hamden Soccer Association